These boards were so heavy that one man could not carry them by himself. They both worked a second shift job, and much of the work on the church was done before they went to their regular jobs and even after 12 midnight when their work shift was over. The Pastor and his wife, Sister Susan Hall purchased folding chairs, piano, drums, microphones, amplifier, and speakers for the Lord's work. Bishop Hall had to use an old barrel as a pulpit stand when the church was started. Bishop James Funderburk noticed that Bishop Hall did not have pulpit furniture and he donated the pulpit furniture that had been used at St. Paul Apostolic Church. Our Pastor began to preach the Word of God with only his wife and two daughters as the congregation. On one Sunday morning when Sister Hall had to work, only Bishop Hall and his 6 year old daughter were present at church. Bishop Hall refused to be deterred and taught a Sunday school lesson to his daughter and afterwards preached a full sermon while his daughter fell asleep. After he had finished his sermon he walked outside and noticed that people were standing outside the building and had been listening to the message. 
           About two years after the church was started, God added a few faithful saints to the work. In 1985 Bishop Hall offered to buy the building, and the Lord made a way for the building to be purchased that year. The Lord touched the heart of Mr. McCurdy to donate land across the street from the church to be use for a parking lot. God began to bless the vision with just a few steadfast saints, and Bishop Hall was determined to move forward. The building was completely renovated both inside and out. 
           In 1994 the Lord blessed True Deliverance to relocate and build a new sanctuary upon 4 acres of choice land. At a later date a picnic shelter and garage was built. Also the Lord blessed True Deliverance to build the Community Outreach and Educational Center. Many souls have been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and several have received the Holy Ghost. Till this day our church is pressing forward in Jesus Name and the Lord's work continues to be blessed. To God be the glory for all he has done. 

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          True Deliverance Apostolic Church was founded in April of 1983. Bishop Donald E. Hall who was an Elder at the time was led of the Lord to go to Thomasville, N.C. to start an apostolic church. Upon arriving in the city of Thomasville, he along with his wife Sister Susan Hall began to look for a building in order to start a church. Mr. Arthur Humphries had two buildings available for rent on Church Street. One building was very small and the other building had more space to use. It was recommended that the larger building should be rented. Bishop Hall rented the larger building and the vision began.
           There were many obstacles that Bishop Hall had to overcome in order to start the church in Thomasville. When our pastor sought to start the church he was denied permission by the city inspectors to obtain electricity to the building he had rented because there was not enough parking space to accommodate the church. This test would have caused some men to turn around and give up their dream, but not Bishop Hall. Through much perseverance and determination Bishop Hall continued to trust The Lord Jesus Christ that things would work out. There was a club beside the building that Bishop Hall had rented. The club owner allowed his parking lot to be used by True Deliverance during church services. The city inspectors issued a permit to Bishop Hall to open the church once there was parking space made available.
           True Deliverance Apostolic Church began with just Bishop and Sister Hall with their two small daughters (Deborah and Felicia). The building that was rented had once been used as a pool hall. There was much work to be done before the church doors were opened.  Bishop Hall enlisted the help of Elder James A. Leak to build a pulpit, choir stand, and office in this building. The pulpit and choir stand were built with old 2 by 12 boards that came out of old houses that had been demolished.